Worship Times

Worship Times

As we near the end of what has been the hardest year for so many, Worship Times is desperately needed. This 24 hours live programmins LA Praise Network,  will provide encouragement and an authentic message of hope!

If you want a time for the people can Listen you for hope-inspiring and positive Faith-based encouragement to many who are up feeling depressed, stressed out and hopeless.

Our team it will be happy to offer you the best time for you can bring your time of encouragement and insight to those who are calling out for help,  feel free to contact us and we can provide you more information.

How The People Work with Us

  1. They have live time in Studio, Church or personal live.
  2. We provide the adecuated materials for you can go live in our TV Channel and Online Times.
  3. The People enjoy receiving of you all worship Hope.


we Contribute to continue our mission of teaching the truth, with you.


we seek to continue our compromise with God to share the Gospel.


Our team donate time and effort to bring the best hope of Jesus


Benefits of Service

We all contribute to bring the name of Jesus to all People in World.

If you love God and you have the passion, we know you want send the message to everyone.

We provide you all steps for create your studio and share the gospel.

We believe and work together with you, that’s why we invite you to be part of LA Praise Network comunity.